PROTO - Designers' association of Northern Finland

PROTO – Designers’ association of Northern Finland was founded in 1987. We have over 120 members who are experts on various areas of design. We are a northern hub that brings all these professionals together.

Design is everywhere around us but it’s sometimes hard to comprehend. Our aim is to make design meet the public and increase the understanding and appreciation of all areas of design expertise.

In 2022 we invested heavily to establish a Design center fit for a new era. Design Center PROTO opened its doors in October 2022. We are now ramping up our operations for a new level and aiming for international scene as well.


Welcome to Design Center PROTO!

Design Center PROTO is located in Pikisaari, the island filled with culture, right next to the Oulu city center. We organize diverse events and exhibitions for both design professionals and the public.

We are keen to create and facilitate unseen concepts that combine design with different areas of arts and science – and are looking for awesome partners! If you have a great idea or are looking for a place to host a design-themed event, do not hesitate to contact us. Join our design revolution, let’s create something completely new together!

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Become our member

Our membership is meant for design professionals of Northern Finland. We accept our members based on their experience, both educational and work-related. The membership fee is 25€/year (10€/year for design students).

If you are interested in becoming our member, please send an e-mail to our executive director Hanna Rauma.